Vocation Animation

The task of vocational animation within youth ministry is the structuring and animation of specific walks that allow children and young people to mature in a journey of faith and discernment and availability to the call of the Lord in a specific vocation. The walks proposed at the provincial level are intended to assist and support the local walks.

In the Salesian pedagogy of the faith, the vocational choice is the mature and indispensable outcome of all human and Christian growth. “We educate young people to develop their human and baptismal vocation with a daily life progressively inspired and unified by the Gospel”. Faith cannot be reduced to pure intellectual assent. The believer confesses the truth by committing his life for the cause of God, the Savior of man. The aim of Salesian youth ministry is to help young people to discover their place in building the Kingdom and to assume it with joy and determination. 

The “vocation” begins with the call to life, proceeds in the call to faith and comes with various responses, to the call to consecrated life. In this sense, they are accompanied by those who, in a good process of growth and maturation in the vocational dimension of their own person, consider the possibility that God calls them to a life of special consecration. The continuity of the apostolic vocational animation process takes place in a specific vocational itinerary. In it, attention is paid to listening, discernment, experiential verification on the field of personal suitability for a possible call of special consecration.

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