Pope Francis appoints Msgr. Hon Tai-Fai, SDB, Apostolic Nuncio to Libya

ANS - Vatican City - On Thursday, May 18, 2023, Pope Francis…

Salesians in Syria continue to assist earthquake victims

The earthquake that occurred during the night of Feb. 5-6, measuring…

Pope Francis appoints Msgr. Hon Tai-Fai, SDB, Apostolic Nuncio to Libya

2023-05-19/by Marina Yazbek

Salesians in Syria continue to assist earthquake victims

2023-02-07/by Marina Yazbek

Portugal – Provincial Delegates of Mediterranean Region reflect on missionary animation

2022-12-13/by Marina Yazbek

Portugal – Communication Sector holds World Consultation in Lisbon

2022-11-06/by Marina Yazbek

Palestine – Salesian School of Social Communication in Middle East begins

2022-10-13/by Marina Yazbek

Missionary Sending of 153rd Salesian Missionary Expedition.

2022-10-02/by Marina Yazbek

Syria – Extraordinary Visitation to Syria by Mediterranean Region Councilor

2021-11-14/by Marina Yazbek

Syria – Lay people co-responsible in Salesian mission: Johnny and Georgette

2021-08-14/by Marina Yazbek

Lebanon – Salesian oratory is an oasis of peace in context of crisis

2021-07-21/by Marina Yazbek

Video Tour of Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, “Don Bosco’s Madonna”

2021-07-02/by Marina Yazbek

Fr Caputa introduces Simone Srugi

2021-04-09/by Marina Yazbek


2021-03-15/by Marina Yazbek

Message from the Rector Major to young people!

2021-02-25/by Marina Yazbek

The bakery of the Salesians in Bethlehem helps the poor and needy

2021-02-12/by Marina Yazbek

Syria – Country increasingly in difficulty. New initiatives to support young people and families

2020-12-03/by Marina Yazbek

Lebanon – Feast of Don Bosco for youth of Zgharta’s “Don Bosco Association”

2020-02-08/by admin8264

The most beautiful photo: “Don Bosco, priest, father and pastor”

2020-02-02/by admin8264

Salesian Family

2020-01-24/by admin8264

Salsians in Egypt and Holy Land are sharing unique spiritual times!

2020-01-24/by admin8264

Higher Education in the Salesian School in Cairo

2020-01-22/by admin8264

Who are SDB ?

2020-01-22/by admin8264

The Salesian Youth Centres in Spain in solidarity with those in Syria

2020-01-22/by admin8264

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