Salesians in Syria continue to assist earthquake victims

The earthquake that occurred during the night of Feb. 5-6, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, left hundreds dead and thousands injured in Turkey and Syria.

“During the night the earthquake was felt very strongly and for a long duration, and other tremors were recorded throughout the following,” explains Fr. Alejandro Leon, provincial of the Salesians in the Middle East. The Salesian center in Aleppo suffered limited damage, with cracks and some broken windows, but both the Salesians and the people they serve are fine and safe. Similar situation in the other two centres run by the salesians in the country, Damascus and Kafroun.

As soon as the ground began to shake, some families left their houses and took refuge at the Salesian center in the heart of Aleppo, seeking help and shelter, and the number continued to grow during the following day and night. There they were welcomed and given warm clothes, food and comfort. To date, more than 300 people are housed in the center: their homes were heavily damaged during the war and they feel safer in the Salesian center.

In Kafroun, similarly, around 150 families who suffered from damage to their homes have asked to temporarily move to the home to receive assistance and feel safer.

The epicenter of the earthquake was Kahramanmaraş in southern Turkey, on the northwestern border with Syria. Hundreds of buildings collapsed in Aleppo and the death toll is now estimated at over 900, in addition to hundreds missing under the rubble and thousands injured. In other locations where Salesians are working, the numbers of casualties and injuries are more limited but significant material and infrastructural damage was recorded at the time of the quakes and afterwards.

The Salesians, who since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in 2012 have been actively involved in assisting people in more vulnerable and impoverished conditions, are providing shelter and emergency aid to those affected by the earthquake, who are already extremely tested by the aftermath of more than a decade of war, a deep economic and financial crisis, and a cold and snowy winter.

To support the work of the Salesians in Syria on behalf of the families most affected by the earthquake, you can donate through transfer and wire transfer to the following accounts:

Beneficiary: Direzione Generale Opere Don Bosco Via Marsala 42

00185 Rome

Bank: Banca Popolare di Sondrio


Via Gherardi Silvestro 45 00146 Rome

IBAN: IT54O0569603202000004655X77


reason for payment: Syria Earthquake Emergency


Fondazione don Bosco nel mondo “Ramo beneficenza ONLUS”

Banca Popolare di Sondrio

IBAN IT86 O056 9603 2020 0000 7100 X00

Branch 072 Rome – ag. 2

Swift: POSOIT2106I

reason for payment: Syria Earthquake Emergency

For questions, information and requests: please contact

The bakery of the Salesians in Bethlehem helps the poor and needy

The ingredients of Salesian bread in Bethlehem are not only flour, water and yeast, but infinite quantities of mercy and generosity are also added to its dough, so the Salesian bakery in the city has become a point of reference in helping the poor and needy. P. LORENZO SAGGIOTTO Salesians of Bethlehem “In particularly difficult times such as the first and second intifada, this oven played an important role and provided an excellent service to the people. Also during the first and second Iraq war we helped many families poor. ” A relentless help even in this difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic. P. LORENZO SAGGIOTTO Salesians of Bethlehem “Also in this period, from the outbreak of the pandemic until today, the bakery has not only given bread to the poorest families but also to institutions that need help to continue serving the people. “Among these institutions is the” Together for Life “Association of Bethlehem, which to help people with disabilities and who, due to the pandemic, no longer have any income, either from handicraft production or from donations. MAHERA GHARIB Director of “Together for Life” “We too depended on tourists visiting Bethlehem and we were affected as much as the entire tourism sector. The bread we receive is enough for about 55 people. For us it was a cost and the Salesians thus relieve us of this expense, above all because bread is fundamental in our Palestinian culture. We eat bread or rice; bread accompanies every meal. “Even the Bethlehem Association Beit Al Rajaa – “Casa Della Speranza” – for the blind and people with special needs was hit by the consequences of the Coronavirus: even for them, income depended on external support and tourists. The director of the Association, Salim Zeidan, thanks the Salesians for their help and for the quality of the bread. SALIM ZEIDAN Director Beit Al Rajaa – Bethlehem “Salesian bread lasts two or three days, but we can heat it and it comes back as if it had just come out of the oven. The Salesian oven is one of the oldest in the city and has always maintained the same quality as production.” BASMA GIACAMAN Supervisor of the Basma Center – Beit Sahour “Even if making bread seems a simple thing, for families who do not work and have no income, especially in periods of curfew,

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